How does it work?

We support hundreds of companies and organizations with managing their foreign currency and interest rate risks. All our clients have different requirements, so just contact us on or by telephone + 31.30.8201220 to discuss yours.

Steps we generally follow;

  1. 1. You outline your question to us by telephone or email. If you would like to hear our opinion on a transaction, you need to forward us the transaction details. We need at least;

    •  Trade date
    •  Start date
    •  End date
    •  Notional (or schedule)
    •  Fixed rate
    •  Calculation method on both fixed and floating rate (i.e. quarterly, act/360)

    Or, even better, the original conformation of your bank.

  2. We then propose our one of costs to you.
  3. We will only begin upon your written acceptance.
  4. We will send you a written assessment of our findings.
  5. We will then provide you with an explanation of your query, by telephone.
  6. Only then will we invoice your company.