Hedge advice

We offer you a range of consultancy services in the area of currency and interest rate management.

Market outlook

First of all, our analysts and consultants can give you an independent outlook on world economy, financial market trends and global political developments. A conference call can be scheduled to outline the markets in more detail and/or to discuss any specific issues that are relevant to your business.

Risk analysis

We can assess your currency and interest rate exposures and your current hedging methods. Our analysis of your loan portfolio for example, will clearly show how your company is exposed to interest rate changes and what can be done to reduce your exposure. Our findings are presented in a clear and understandable report, which is a good starting point for future management of your positions.

Second opinion on your bank proposals

We can assess your bank proposals and point out pros and cons. We can also propose hedging alternatives that better match your situation. We will only recommend solutions that are clear, with a worst case scenario, a high degree of flexibility and the lowest possible premium costs. Since we are independent, transactions will be executed between you and your bank - same as you do now!

Managing your positions

When your existing hedge has a negative value, you might want to investigate the opportunities for damage control. We can independently assess the possibilities. Often it is possible to improve an existing hedge, provided you have chosen transparent and flexible products. Waiting until the expiry date and then deciding what to do next, will not lead to the best results.

Contact us by telephone +31.302328200 or by email treasuryadvice@icc-consultants.nl.