Ron Markus - Treasurymanagement & Market Outlook 

Since the organization was established in 1979, Ron Markus has assisted in building ICC’s success. He is the first point of contact for relations regarding their interest-rate and currency management issues.


  • Strategic consultancy in the field of interest-rate and currency management.
  • Financial markets


Over the years, Ron has encountered a large number of financial directors and majority shareholders within the Dutch business community, introducing ICC’s services and providing concrete advice on how to best manage interest-rate and currency risks.

With his unparalleled knowledge of the Dutch business mentality and culture, Ron is well placed for translating ICC’s vision of interest-rate and currency developments into a concrete interest-rate and currency hedging policy.

ICC’s clients benefit daily from Ron’s pragmatic, clear explanation of the various scenarios in the financial markets. Ron forms the bridge, as it were, between ICC's market vision and the more technical side of the treasury consultancy and, as such, is crucial to ICC’s service provision.