Eddy Markus - Executive Director & Chief AnalystLinkedIn 

Edward Markus is the founder and director/owner of ICC.

After graduating in Economics from the Free University of Amsterdam, Eddy Markus spent a number of years gaining in-depth knowledge of the global financial markets and, in particular, the management of interest-rate and currency risks. In 1979, he set up Interest & Currency Consultants (ICC).

Initially specializing in the management of interest-rate and currency risks for companies, the organization has since evolved into a successful consultancy company, specializing in virtually all facets of treasury management, hedging FX and IR risks, corporate and structured finance, and financial market analysis.

For more than forty years, Eddy has closely followed the financial markets as an analyst. Together with ICC’s team of economists and analysts, he regularly publishes on medium-term market developments. Eddy is frequently invited to talk about his analyses and vision in various media, such as the Dutch quality finance daily Het Financieele Dagblad and the Dutch radio stations Radio 1 and BNR.